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by: Duane Gayle
uploaded: 02/20/2015
i'm finding everything with a mark of our history i'm gonna break the string cuz i'd rather be a mystery and i'm tearing through pages now, of the catalogs burn em all night, til the morning fog and the banner deep inside my mind says, dont write that line! (musical interlude) cant get away from it multiplying right before my eyes yeah i could recommit but im holding out so i can end my ties so im closing all the doors outside, cuz theres nothing to see i know you don't like that, but it's all for me and the memories all fade away, gonna trash those lines! (musical interlude) it was the best of times but only when its in my head i swear im feeling fine there's just way too much thats left unsaid and i'm thinking that youre writing now, so you can't forget i wanna to start brand new, but there's too much debt so i'm leaving all the things i love, to destroy those lines!  
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