The Border (Peter Johnson Cover)

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by: Chris Greacen
uploaded: 02/22/2015
Written (by Peter Johnson) and recorded (by Chris Greacen) for the 2015 Song-A-Day adventure It changes in your sleep the border One day you're in a peaceful world of beauty The border moves, moves itself beneath you Next day you're in a stampede taking place in a tornado The border goes from lyric to poetic The border is destructive and frenetic It speaks in tongues that I don't want to understand The border In the end it breaks you the border In the years it takes you to escape it you'll never never quite recover drop everything drop anything just get away from the border The border never recognizes the damage in it You can fight for your life, you'll never win it let it go let it find its own hand find its own voice find its own land where it can be the border.  
Tagses: border, peter johnson, (we can link these up later)

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The Border (Peter Johnson Cover)
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