Dance, Gypsy, Dance

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by: Paul Ivey
uploaded: 02/27/2015
Dance, Gypsy, Dance

i ain't seen you in a minute
except when you danced through my dreams
here you are in the flesh now
tearing up the scene

all silken, flesh and fancy
all sweat and sin and screams
kicking up the dust around you
the heat becomes extreme

psychosis now embodied
ecstasis in a single glide
faces light up around you
passion as a rite

sudden sacred vision
fire in skin and serpentine
my will, my gods, my demons
my rules, my mind all die

i'm alive 
inside your dance
i could die
given half a chance

dance, gypsy, dance
weave those hands
spin, gypsy, spin
unleash the light within
dance, gypsy, dance
entwine the trance
shine, gypsy, shine
entice the dream divine
and i'm alive 
when you dance for me

here i stand unmoving
stricken, awestruck, hypnotized
your flame and fierce, your abandon
has me mesmerized

i'm sure all seven veils now
could stop the march of time
lovely desert siren
let me be your crime
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Dance, Gypsy, Dance
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