Another Track to Skip

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by: Peter Johnson
uploaded: 02/02/2016
You wrote in three-four time And I in seven So together we made perfect in ten It was a match made in heaven We had some good times Created laughter and art And inevitably the sparks would fly And we were torn apart I used to see your name and my heart do a backflip now you're just another track to skip While this was many years ago and I should have no regret to be free when I close my eyes and try to see a song It's always your face I see Now when I load this page I feel my confidence dip Why can't you be just another track to skip We followed recording with another kind of creative session Until the creativity slowly turned to aggression I don't expect you to think of me Just keep walking out the door Don't be surprised to find my revenge concealed in every metaphor I used to see your name and my heart would skip a beat Now your tracks are those I never choose to repeat    
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Another Track to Skip
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