two two

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by: Artemis Robison
uploaded: 02/02/2016
my first foray into logic X!! after three years of dismally little time doing any music production at meet candy store. i spent three hours happily lost inside an arpeggiator...then another while playing with words, playing with singing them, and finally deciding not to. so. maybe next time. lyrics: two two tuesday so much to do today so i try reaching out get out of bed put the kettle on keep your head up let your guard down never turn your back on the waves sneak up on ya tumble under get up and do it again get up and do it again get up and do it again look out look out you lookout you might look out you might like it indiana grass is cool wind is long takes her time remembering through a porthole was it sea or it sky first widened your eyes stand on a hill sway and howl at the moon bend back like a willow close your eyes it's not on the outside you're the beating heart the rain in the sand your own deep well pull that bucket up pull that bucket up pull that bucket up lift off the animal mask layer by layer what keeps generating what keeps generating what keeps generating two two tuesday fall into the fray strength wrapped in fragility chain mail steel blue morpho wing flaps til jupiter rolls backward with her pearl moons when your mind is stuck in a groove pull the plug fall forward heartfirst    
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two two
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