I Get No Sleep

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by: Ray Toler
uploaded: 02/05/2016
¬†All right, let's see what we've got here. Hmmm. Hmm. All right. Oh. Yeah. Gimme something funky. Yeah! I like that! Herbert Finkelstein on bass, everybody. Mmm. Play it, Herbie, uh. All right I need some hand claps, Ooo! Yeah! The Texas All-State High School Hand Clap Choir, everybody. Let's give them a hand. They're already giving themselves a hand. Uh. HOOK! Wooo! Yeah. All right! Now, let's see what we've got here. Mmm! I got nothin'. Really. This is way funnier to me than it is to you. Mostly 'cause I get... All right, you guys keep clapping. Uh! Mostly 'cause I get no sleep. I go to work and then I come home And now I've gotta write something. Oh yeah! Oh! I was not expecting that! MMM! Wooo! Yeah. Uh! Awww keep it goin' now. Uhhn! If only this had catchy lyrics, It would be a hit song. Uh! CHORUS Record all night, work all day I get no sleep, 'cause of Song-a-Day Write all night, work all day I get no sleep,'cause of Song-a-Day Oh yeah! Those were catchy! But they're kind of lazy. I mean, come on... You rhymed "day" with "day." We need something different like, uh... Record all night, work all day I get no sleep, 'cause my name is Ray. All right, that was stupid. I think we'll do it your way. But we need some grease. Oh yeah! That is greasy! Uhn! Come on! Where the hand clap kids? Git it on! Woo! All right, we're coming back to the hook. With the original lyrics! CHORUS Wooo! CHORUS OH! COME ON! GIT IT BACK NOW! DROP IT DOWN NOW, FOR ME! UHH! CHORUS Herbert! Herbert! Get that bass in here now. UH! Yeaaaah! Uhh! So fon-kay WOO! Mmm! All right, we gonna bring it all back in and bring it home, now go! CHORUS YEAH! COME ON! BRING IT ROUND! ONE MORE TIME! UHH! CHORUS  
Tagses: dance, house, disco, handclaps (we can link these up later)

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I Get No Sleep
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