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by: Artemis Robison
uploaded: 02/06/2016
bread is in the oven kitchen smells so good everything is turning out as it should baby's in the barn old black dog is sleeping he sleeps just like a dragon with one eye open looking out things weren't always this goddamn good guess it takes a little getting used to being home we got a bathtub full of minnows an out of tune piano we're a dynamic duo we got disco lights in the bathroom we're good at taking turns with our head up in the clouds got a string tied to one toe just give a tug when it's time to come down there'll be supper on the table we'll do dishes as we're able here at home i hope you will forgive me when i'm misunderstanding you we are all just doing what we know how to do let's take the plunge into terra incognita go fishing for lucidity i'll be you you be me looking out through each other's eyes catching shadows of the birds up in the sky over home  
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