Hurt Me

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by: Ray Toler
uploaded: 02/07/2016
This is square in the category of tracks that I describe as "the song I'm currently fighting." The day started off with recording my backyard. There was no wind and the birds were going nuts at sunrise. Started off doing some sort of ambient wash thing and put effects on the bird. Loaded a drum loop and it went into piano territory. Then I found another drum loop that was cool and angry and a guitar riff came into my head. Then it all became a mish mashy thing that I'm unhappy with, but here it is. I do like the energy of the drums and guitar. For what it's worth, I think it works better as an instrumental. I left the vocal chorus in once for reference, but then did another chorus with just the guitar. I prefer the latter. Don't like the lyrics, don't like the performance... This is also where I run up against my limitations as an engineer. I just don't know how to get what's in my head out and into the mix. Can't get the levels right and everything's competing. So... it's not good, but it's done. :-) I'm gonna lose my mind I swear I must be blind Not to have Known Your Kind You hurt me You got into my head I started seeing red Things better left unsaid That hurt me It's time to disengage It's time to lose the rage It's time to break the cage That hurts me I'm sick of secrecy Wasn't your enemy You're not my legacy Can't hurt me now  
Tagses: rock, demo, sketch (we can link these up later)

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Hurt Me
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