Take It or Leave It

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by: Ray Toler
uploaded: 02/08/2016
That little dude with the golden ring had pretty hairy feet The barber guy with the cook downstairs was killing folks for meat Muad'dib liked riding worms and fighting for his spice Oedipus really loved his mom, but wasn't very nice CHORUS These people all had lives worth writing down Might be nice, but I doubt that I'll achieve it As long as I know that you'll be around I can take it or leave it Professor Snape had a broken heart and took it out on the kids The same thing happened to Anakin, and Severus he outdid Prometheus would have been just fine if he could have found a match The old man that cast out his line should not have made that catch CHORUS Don't get me wrong, I'd love wealth and fame All I need is one hit song and a lack of shame But if being written about means Big Brother or getting my eyes poked out, I'd rather play a different game Lara Croft liked finding old stuff by breaking into tombs Alice fell right down that hole, and might have had some shrooms. CHORUS x2    
Tagses: pop, piano, harmony, literature (we can link these up later)

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Take It or Leave It
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