b/c t.b.

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by: Peter Johnson
uploaded: 02/08/2016
The sound of music will get a remake
I wonder what form it will take

Everyones eyes lined in black greasepaint
all the actors appear about to faint

a cyberpunk factory done in cgi
represents the abbey when Maria says goodbye

Johnny Depp delivers with his usual flair
the captain in a monocle and wild violet hair

Maria and Liesl played by the same actress
whose name should be apparent, please dont ask this

Winged skeletons are the Nazi troops
the littlest child played by C everett Koop

The story has been moved to Romania
The mansion is an asylum insania

The children raise their mother from the dead
Liesl falls in love with a giant floating head

They sing and dance in funeral finery
My Favorite things ilist scorpions and ennui

Danny Elfman writes the tunes
Complex pseudo Cabaret gloom

Whos the choice for the title song 
Melanie Martinez strikes me as strong      
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b/c t.b.
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