Fly Free

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by: James Groft
uploaded: 02/10/2016
Do you ever wonder what happens when we die Some believe we return to castles in the sky Maybe you wake up and realize it's a dream Will we ever comprehend what it all means Sometimes it feels like I'm caught inside a spiders web The more I struggle the more I'm tangled But when I close my eyes and catch my breath I feel like it is just a test And if we pass we'll learn to fly Fly free Transfixed on a light Shining beautiful and bright Pondering if that's our true origin When this amnesia slips away And clouds disperse from winds of change We'll appreciate the rainbow of life And we'll meet the birds in the sunlight when we fly Fly free Does it even matter if I waste my away my life Throwing all my hopes and dreams aside Even if we get a second chance to play the game again Does it mean this dance will never end Maybe I'm not comfortable with the unknown of infinity But how I'd love to learn to fly  
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Fly Free
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