Little Did They Know

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by: James Groft
uploaded: 02/11/2016
 Let me tell you story
There's a woman in mind
I believe she's an angel
Who forgot how to fly
And the luckiest boy in the world
Who just happened to stumble upon a pearl

The boy at the age of 22
Left behind all that he knew
To find adventure somewhere
He chose the last frontier
Little did he know
It chose him
And he started to grow
In preparation

Lived on a boat called freedom
On a farm in Homer Alaska
Got a job playing piano
At the down east saloon
Little did he know
It was fate
The night that he had a show
She was there

Everything was fitting in place
In the crowd was her sweet face

Now the story gets better
For I tell from her side
She was having some trouble
Followed by dark sky's
Little did she know
The worst was over
Love was calling her
From Around the corner

So she went to Alaska
To visit a friend
She said drive down to homer,
There's good people there
And she stopped at a beach
To find an eagle feather
As she walked on the sand
Her keys fell out of her sweater

A truck driver came
To rescue the day
Towed her car to homer
Where she had no place to stay
He said I have an rv
In a junkyard
It's right down street
From a bar
There's a show there tomorrow
You should go
If you need anything else
Let me know

So she's stranded in homer
In a junkyard rv
A show at a dive bar
The last thing she'd want to see
A voice in her heart
Said go!
So she dressed
And walked down to the show

As she walked in the strangest thing happened
Everything started to shine
The boy was playing her favorite song the moment was frozen in time

She brought him a drink
He said what would you think
If I took you freedom
To make music all night
Little did they know
They found love
Synchronicity grows
A rainbow up above  
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