Spife Mike

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by: James Groft
uploaded: 02/12/2016
Well I went down to Alaska To get myself a job The nicest couple took me in and gave me room and board And behind their piano shop There were wooden spoons galore Well the mans name was Bumpo and his wife, Lindianne And the man in the back of the studio was Lindianne's ex boyfriend Well it wasn't to long Before we got along And became my new best friend Spife Mike Spife Mike, on his bike Mushroom hunter and an artist life Bucket of spoons and a groovy tune He ain't no fool, he knows the rules He took me forging at 55 Corn cob pipe and buttons in his eyes Friendly to friends but don't be surprised When the scorpion King is on the rise A freedom fighter with a zippo lighter An activist with fists of fire He's hard of hearing but he can hear the truth Drinks silver water for an infected tooth He's a Wooden wizard with a carving knife green thumbs on his left and right He won't give up without a fight Everybody needs a Spife You can cut you can scoop You can use it for steak and soup If you wanna be in the loop You need a Spife and that's the truth Everybody hear the news! Everyone is Spife approved  
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Spife Mike
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