of this dirt

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by: Artemis Robison
uploaded: 02/12/2016
so now you're smiling
wider than time
busted free of this
wheel of age
hours click forward 
and backward
helix spin down
below up
for the galaxies

you are the sound
the earth makes
thunder that bursts
through the clouds
wake up your electricity
show me you
show me me

facets of one
shining sun
singing in unison
trading harmony

fat or tall
skinny or small
we're all of this dirt

teach me your philosophy
show me your horizon
draw me round
your boundary

keep me in your sights
friend you are my enemy
when it serves me right

one way or another
we all get there together

all of the lines
we drag through the sand
are the folly
of one hand    
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of this dirt
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