I Ain't Wasting Any Time

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by: James Groft
uploaded: 02/28/2016
Sit back, relax take a breath We're going for a ride Are you experienced with navigating deep inside There is a paradise that lies beyond the jungle There is a treasure buried underneath the ruble So open up your eyes and ears Let go of your doubt and fear The truth is now and here It's all becoming clear Everything is in its right place In its right place Every smile makes a beautiful face Everything is alright Everything is fine Too blessed to be stressed And I ain't wasting time Take it with a grain of salt And build it to your own design The words I'm saying now Were meant to be read Inbetween the lines These metaphors and similes can't translate to what I mean In order to wake up you have to realize your dream Let the ego go Let the spirit grow  
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I Ain't Wasting Any Time
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