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by: Peter Johnson
uploaded: 02/28/2016
 You took a little
then you took it all
sailed away
to a new port of call

Scurvy's simple
just lime and rum
you thought I was beneath you 
but couldn't I come?

I'm already forgetting
a moment in history
you'll be a suckling
pig on my rotisserie

Here's a moment
think what you lost
what were you
before our paths crossed

This is the promise
you forgot to say
I am the one you 
let get away

Here is the house
you brought down
Funny that your comedy
brings such frowns

One of us is beached
on friendlier shores
but go ahead imagine
the plunder is yours

my little compass 
has a bigger brain
and gives heading
never complains

I've already forgotten
this moment, it's history
turn the suckling
pig on my rotisserie

I've already forgotten
this moment in history and
you're just a suckling 
on my rotisserie  
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