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by: Jonathan Aronson
uploaded: 02/06/2017
 She huddled holding her babies close
As our national nightmare was spawned
And fear of repercussions and discrimination
suddenly dawned....

Upon her psyche - what she knew existed all along
Was now normalized and on it's face
Alive and strong so wrong

We gather in protest 
in the city streets
we find like minded fear and anger
in everyone we meet

Let's get together and make a plan
to overthrow the king
But deep in side we're not made of
that kind of thing...  

We've got to fight
stand up
stop this 

We were the shining beacon of light, of hope
of innovation and invention
of truth justice and the American way
We make cars and trains and planes and rockets
We fed the world while we lined our pockets
We progressed past skeletons that lived in our closets
but it turns out we didn't get past our demons 

No! No!

We've got to fight
stand up
stop this   
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