Together (We're a W)

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by: Artemis Robison
uploaded: 02/06/2017
you're a you i'm a you together we're a W there is so much good to do when we get together when in the oval kkk carry lady liberty away give our money to aclu start gardening together we travel far we're always aiming at the stars no one can hold us down even when the country's hostage to a sociopathic clown the world's a zoo me & you got plenty evil to undo we burn down all the cages when we put our hearts together if your leash is made of data solidarity can save ya and the nsa can kiss our ask us if we stand together it's howdy doody time putin's puppet's got a hand up his behind the looking glass the oil tycoons have won their boom but how long will it last the world is getting hotter some say why even bother come hellfire or high water we'll all go down together we've got a fighting chance if we all join in the dance call your senators and congresspeople til they can't ignore ya to be or not to be every step defines our history yes we've been here before in crisis opportunity is knocking at our door i'm a you and you're a you together we're a W apocalypse can't trouble you we'll stick it out together  
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Together (We're a W)
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