Turd In A Punch Bowl

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by: Duane Gayle
uploaded: 02/09/2017
plop, plop, fizz, fizz needs some relief, from this shiz day, in, day, out all that shiz, comin' out their mouth like a talkin' to a teen, you just cant win what kinda shiz are we deep in half glass full, has gotten cold&&&... LIKE A TURD IN A PUNCH BOWL aaahhhh like a turd in a punch bowl oooohhh eeewwww like a turd in a punch bowl oh boy, got another review my designs, are almost through high hopes, but i dont know why all black hats,no blue sky change that box, move that left More color, we need more red work of art has lost its soul&&.. NOW IT'S A TURD IN A PUNCH BOWL (repeat chorus) Shine that turd We shining  
Tagses: turd, in, a, punchbowl (we can link these up later)

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Turd In A Punch Bowl
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