Add a Track (C-D-R Mix)

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by: Ray Toler
uploaded: 02/14/2017
It's another day It's another chance for you to sit down and write something great Until that same old monster gets in the way And that song idea you loved you now hate CHORUS When the writer's block gets in your way And you just can't think of jack Just hit record, stop, rewind, play, And add another track! Lets double that vocal, get the levels right Gotta add some verb And if you're living in California Maybe smoke some herb CHORUS Not every rhyme's gonna be a winner Not every part in tune But you need to post a song and make some dinner And bedtime comes too soon CHORUS Hit record, stop, rewind, play... AND ADD ANOTHER TRACK! Music by Clarence Bodiford & Daniel Berkman Lyrics by Ray Toler      
Tagses: polka-pop, collaboration, song-a-day, (we can link these up later)

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Add a Track (C-D-R Mix)
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