CPU Dreams

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by: Darin Wilson
uploaded: 02/21/2017
This piece was constructed using Sonic Pi (http://sonic-pi.net/), a live coding system for creating music with the Ruby programming language. The generated notes were patched into Ableton Live via MIDI. This is a generative piece that uses randomly selected notes and durations - it can go on for quite some time without repeating. Here's the source code for this piece: live_loop :note1 do midi choose([:Cs3,:D4,:E4]), sustain: choose([5,7,9]), channel: 1 sleep 8 end live_loop :note2 do midi choose([:Fs4,:G4,:A4]), sustain: choose([5,7,9]), channel: 1 sleep 10 end live_loop :note3 do midi choose([:B4,:Cs5,:E5]), sustain: choose([5,7,9]), channel: 1 sleep 11 end live_loop :note4 do midi choose([:D2, :A2, :Fs2, :G2]), sustain: choose([7,8,10]), channel: 4 sleep 14 end  
Tagses: ambient (we can link these up later)

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CPU Dreams
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