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by: Derek Greenberg
uploaded: 02/26/2017
 I'm a foodie and I'm not a gourmet
It doesn't matter what the experts say
I'm a foodie, I care about what's on my plate

Ingredients can be expensive or cheap
Appreciation of the dish runs deep
I'm a foodie, I write about what I ate

A restaurant can be a hole in the wall, why should I care
It only matters if I love all the dishes that they 

I have the kitchen skills of Escoffier
I cook like Thomas Keller every day
I'm a foodie, and let that be my battle cry

I work for hours on my grocery list
I rule my kitchen with an iron fist
I'm a foodie, and will be 'til the day I die

I know the term may well overused
And out of date
Forget the label, you know what to do
Go out and rate
Rate away!

Fellow foodies, go online
And write a long review
The future of this restaurant
Is up to you

Find a gem hidden in my town
And bring it to the light
Help me choose where I should go
To dine tonight
Fellow foodies unite  
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