(finally beyond...) All Your Chaos

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by: Paul Ivey
uploaded: 02/28/2017
when did you finally know that you were finally lost in the undertow below the ripples in your chaos are you proud or pained by all that you've achieved how much insight did you find while losing all that sleep have you worried and have you thought of all the glories from which you wrought all the regal strain and all the silly pain for all the works from all your chaos how often did you tempt the apathetic muses to craft some magic from their lips for your novel uses how often did you check the ticking hands of space-time before obsession-over-friends became a reckless warcrime how many concessions did you need to make how many silly games did you need to play how many companions did you meet along the way how many times did you stumble on the road to the final day finally free unafraid at last finally past counting up the cost finally on top the apogee and standing as an unnamed god finally beyond... all your chaos finally beyond... all your chaos              
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(finally beyond...) All Your Chaos
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