You Don't Know Me Very Well

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by: Peter Johnson
uploaded: 02/03/2018
And I was the next in line to win her hand Although it's true I didn't know her well It seemed we touched each other's hearts and found good company and a refuge to shelter for a spell And I dared to draw her closer, to offer her my soul She said "You don't know me very well I'll trample of the ashes your heart when the fire dies Leave you forgotten but for the smoky smell." And I asked her if she'd be my bride She said "You don't know me very well And I might seem so warm but inside beats a heart of stone it surprises me that still you cannot tell." And yet I dared her to stand with me take a step into the unknown She said "You don't know me very well If I had a dollar for every dare I've taken I would have bought my way out of this living hell." And when she waited for the moment I would leave She heard me say "You don't know me at all Though you have shut me out, I promise you in time I will melt the stone and love your heart, your all."  
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You Don't Know Me Very Well
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