The Right Spot

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by: Jeremy Fortes
uploaded: 02/22/2018
 I need to meet the next one
Time to end this dry run
11am and the writing's on the wall
You know what? 
I say "Fuck it!"
Let's go to the mall.

Who's that over there at Hot Dog On A Stick?
With ketchup and mustard, I'll lay it on thick.
Stick it in the fryer, I bet she likes it hot.
I'm adding mayo in the right spot.

She came right next to me.
I smiled, but she laughed profusely.
A striking reflection, and to my disgrace,
The mayo I sprayed, looked like jizz on my face.

We reached for the napkins and our hands caressed.
She dabbed on my cheek and must confess.
It was just like a movie we were kissing in a flash,
but hold up...this bitch's got a mustache.
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The Right Spot
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