Pansy (Aronson)

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by: Chris Greacen
uploaded: 02/24/2018
Written by JA, Recorded by Chris because it's a sweet song

Pansy so delicate 
your name is spoken in vein 
derogatory fame 
Soft and weak 
You're nothing like cactus 
hibiscus or oleander 

And then the winter came 
and everything dried up and died 
leaves fell from the trees 
the Hibiscus cried 
The flowers fell from 
the highway divide 
The cactus shriveled up inside 

Who was left after the freeze 
under the bamboo and budding trees 
wasn't the rose or the mighty sunflower 
It was the soft little weakling without any power 
The Pansy drowned but never died 
The Pansy blossomed and survived 
You're welcome to use my name in vein 
Because you're all dead an I'm the same 
mighty pansy      
Tagses: aronson (we can link these up later)

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Pansy (Aronson)
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