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by: Paul Ivey
uploaded: 02/25/2018
fuck your game i will not play yeah i own the shadows take from me every dream i still own the shadows obscene vile greed see you from the shadows fuck your game i will not play yeah i own the shadows 1 tryna get up high keep the mind low rent trashed in black sweatin debt can't scratch money spent grind afflicted going crazy gnawed-raw hombre outflank shark tank i fade into gray duckin the game renegade they all say must obey it's okay won't be tamed dark and ugly that's my name stole my patch of light but i won't roll and die zero hero stake my claim upon the shadows 2 take that low ride get inside go wide skirt the fringe dark side twisted trickster amplified i gets wicked on top of these rats don't accept their faux rap fuck that plastic crap angry pitchforks right out back filthy rich pestulence plutocrats presidents taking more and more gettin robbed has made the mob that's knocking at your front door i don't need your patch of light the darkness gets me higher i see just fine in the night when i'm on fire 3 sweet spot shadow walker don't get got baubles and bling hive mind they take what's mine mine leaders bought here we plot system crash override gonzo heave-ho coming from the shadows we wait for zero day didn't need to be this way but they trade on our pain fuck that rigged up game fuck the oligarchs and fuck all their minions fuck the politicians and motherfuck the system        
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