Grin Sublime [with and feat. Moxie]

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by: Paul Ivey
uploaded: 02/27/2018
life gets ripped to pieces quick soon there is no reason left all adrift slipping away is it all in vain now i take ten steps out beyond this dizzy mixed-up mind-trap i've been ripped to pieces still risk it all on one twist it's my way i crush the strain it's not all in vain now i ascend dust flames the breeze the rain doubt shakes out through this mad strain scars and stains come not in vain wild wild broken mind wild wild gods go blind tempt them all with a dance divine crush the pain with a grin sublime now I shed this skin unleash a grin tempt all the gods on to sin my forte i rock the pain writhe in awe again now i transcend    
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Grin Sublime [with and feat. Moxie]
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