Salt Water Taffy (with and featuring Ella)

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by: Darin Wilson
uploaded: 02/28/2018
lyrics by Ella Wilson Hey hey Imperius imperius Avadacadbra Speakers, juggling balls, Safety pins and keyboards If If B-flat, C major Let's do the scale Paint brush bristles Three-toed sloth Three-toed sloth Paint brush bristles Lemon slices Olive floats on toothpicks Hamburgers Mics and telephones Earplugs and a phone Keylab 88, water bottle, and A lamp and... Walls, sticky tacks, hearts And A Hello Kitty y'all It's a Hello Kitty and A painting that's totally abstract Ipad Pros, juggling balls, Check folios, conference weeks School, school, school Give up your pencils Cheetahs Cheetahs Cheetahs Imperius imperius Imperius imperius Song-A-Day Song-A-Day Song-A-Day Song-A-Day Hey Imperius, imperius Imperius, imperius A little tornado A little tornado It's glowing orange Construction workers, and headphones Headphones, glasses Headphones, glasses, a zipper Salt water taffy Salt water taffy Imperius  
Tagses: funk,dada,poetry (we can link these up later)

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Salt Water Taffy (with and featuring Ella)
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