my dear

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by: Jonathan Aronson
uploaded: 02/02/2019
Embroidering flowers and leaves 
on an old shirt...on an old shirt
Driving through the rain to the bluffs
the Bodega Bay bluffs
with a wind chill of 41
concrete mud on my kicks

BBQ'd oysters turns out to be 
Oysters with BBQ sauce
I didn't see a gril outside
but we got garlic an butter

Oh yeah giant clam
Beer battered fish and chips 
two glasses of wine and a beer 
in the driving rain 
with my dear

my dear
my dear
my dear
my dear
my dear
my dear
my dear
my dear

heated floors 
and a hot tub bath 
and high ceilings
I can do the math 
it wasn't too expensive    
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my dear
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