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by: seela
uploaded: 02/08/2019
 I'm feeling lazy, I'm feeling tired
a signal across a basin, not enough wire
could use some assistance
could use a friend
can't use my muscle to hold up my skeleton
i'm on the sofa, i'm in my car
i'm on my back on the ground but i see no stars
Maybe come springtime, maybe week's end
I'll turn a corner and rally again

feels like a long, long, time since the lightning came down and lit me 
...feels like a far flung plan so I try not to think of what's to come
I got my work laid but I can't seem to start, so nothing gets done

I'm feeling lazy so I feel ashamed
Can't find the reason I'm frozen in place
I'll try the tv, hide in the den, go dark til tomorrow and hit it again...

(lazy melody, lazy 2 chords, lazy loops)  
Tagses: lazy (we can link these up later)

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