Strange Times In Little Italy

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by: Jonathan Aronson
uploaded: 02/10/2019
I had fish n chips on 51st street
4 blocks from the Italian Market
wandered up and down the aisles and checked out all the pasta
then we checked out the cheeses
pick a number... there was a line
I felt like I was in a deli in 
New York city
strange scene in the Italian market
they had pink prawns from Argentina
they has a glass case full of pasta cutters like a 
museum and a bunch of  
book shelves and cook books from all around the world
it was quite unusual
but here's the funny part
I used live around the corner of 51st street
near the bocce courts in little Italy 
and all those years I lived there 
and all those years that gone by
I never went to that fish n chips joint
not once
I asked the guy "how long you been here"
he said "forty years"
I've been missing out 
but I've been to the Italian market 
once or twice 
so at least I paid the price 
of living in little Italy
strange times in little Italy 
right around the corner form the utility
near the highway exit close to me
little Italy
they play bocce      
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Strange Times In Little Italy
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