A Cat's Composition (w/ & feat. Snuffles the Cat)

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by: Kati Roberts
uploaded: 02/13/2019
A GENUINE cat composition in 3-ish movements. Composed & Performed by my cat 'Sir Wheezer Snuffles' (an exotic short-haired persian), who happens to be rather musically inclined. He was generous enough to provide his talents for this through-composed piece. The piano work is 100% Snuffles - Though he did trigger a couple of auto piano beds that are built into the Yamaha. He did 2 performance takes, what you're hearing is, essentially, the second take. I use small sections of the first take at the top and end of the piece. Otherwise, I did VERY little editing - Tightened up few long, dead areas and MAJORLY rode volume levels. It was also me, of course, who laid in the tracks of a neighbor's roof vent squeaking in tonight's rain (which also featured our other cat Opie's meow). Hope you've enjoyed this piece and my cat's remarkable talent. P.S. This is absolutely the most esoteric and perhaps the most creative thing I've every composed....Thanks, Snuffles!   Written and recorded in one day for the 2019 Song-A-Day challenge (http://songaday.netscrap.com) by Kati Roberts and Sir Wheezer Snuffles on Feb 13, 2019.    
Tagses: cats, piano, rainfall, squeaky roof vent (we can link these up later)

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A Cat's Composition (w/ & feat. Snuffles the Cat)
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