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by: Peter Johnson
uploaded: 02/27/2019
Tattered old fool with your arms spread wide
You embrace the world but it's got you tied
Are you sure you won't die all alone
With adhesive unity and sloganed love 
Don't dare look down and ignore above
How about we all die alone?

Look past all the faces long since
given up the hope
Rescue from the deepest well
Needs not a cup of water but
a rope

The only things that matter in the end 
are the ones you can truly call friend
Otherwise you'll die all alone
And it's plenty easy to say what's right
When there's someone to lie next to at night
The rest of us may die all alone

I'll be on my way before I
Come too close to human touch
You'll be better off not learning
you're not missing much

Here's the truth we're not what we're not
Just be grateful for the hand you got
Empty hands will die all alone
Money and power will fade away
Love brings rewards that will gladly pay
If you have the choice don't die all alone.    
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