Pork Chop

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by: Chris Greacen
uploaded: 02/28/2019
 Hit record and go for the 2019 Song-A-Day project 

Another doodle-style song recorded on a beat up little Hondo that I 
bought dirt cheap on Ebay. I tuned this guitar to the tuning I used when 
I learned guitar in the 80s: EEBEB(B). Yeah well it should have 5 strings 
but I haven't broken the high E (second B) yet. Sound nuts? Broken? 
Yes. All of that. 

Doodle-style fwiw is a live recording of a song idea that I'll play through 
a looping pedal and layer a bunch of noise atop the idea. Learn more 
here: https://greacen.bandcamp.com  
Tagses: doodle (we can link these up later)

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Pork Chop
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