Messing Around

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by: Ella Wilson
uploaded: 02/02/2020
I had no idea what to do, so I just started MESSING AROUND with GarageBand-- yay :)
Honey, you have to do something, it's February 2nd

the second day of February?

Yep, that's right

So what?

You know what

Oh...I have to do a song for Song-A-Day

Yes, and no parodies

Something that's not a parody?


Well, a GarageBand track would be simple enough

Yes, it would

Where do I begin though?

Well, you have fun figuring that out. I have to go.

Why don't I just mess around. That's what Song-A-Day is all
about, right? Messing around with instruments, having fun.
I suppose it doesn't have to be perfect. Besides, I'm 
11 years old. Well, we're messing around...might as well get started with something.
Tagses: acoustic (we can link these up later)

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Messing Around
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