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by: mathias
uploaded: 02/04/2020
 I.O. What?

the press claims technology is to blame
and if someone can fix it its andrew yang
now bloombergs doubling down
shadows plague the town

	the count got fucked in iowa
	they say its due to a software flaw
	oh the count got fucked in iowa
	could be the russians, or a software flaw

whats all this talk about a coding issue
will somebody please get bernie a tissue?
the conference calls are hot and heavy
like amys taters in your swollen belly


so now were using paper records
everybody bow to the paper records
today, tomorrow, next week, next month
no one knows whos teams in front


warren says its time to get it together
we want all the data or none whatsoever
the shadowy app that shadow inc crafted
was not really tested and so were all shafted


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