Me and You

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by: Taran Gray
uploaded: 02/24/2020
VERSE 1 Cant help I get a little jealous, When you smile at other people we meet, oh I know it isnt even fair just, Remember when go youre leaving me, And theyll see the, PRE CHORUS The lucky individual, Thats with you so incredible, I still cant believe its true, Oh, me and you, CHORUS Oh, I cant believe its true, Oh, Me and you, VERSE 2 A little scared a little nervous, That Ill wake up from this crazy dream, oh Oh God I know I dont deserve this, Remember every time shes looking at me, And I see, BRIDGE I guess, given some time, I might come, Down from this crazy high, But Im not coming down and Im, Realizing Im afraid of heights, Realizing Im afraid of heights, Written and Recorded in one day for the 2020 Song-A-Day challenge.  
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Me and You
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