Sammy S. at Top Dog

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by: Pure Moods
uploaded: 02/01/2021
Delicately now with our inside voices A moisture problem can present difficult choices A typical source might be a leak in your freezer But before we dive in let’s discuss how high my fees are Comical Astronomical Make the monopoly man Swallow a dam monocle And barf it back out Like a can of guinness stout With a cigarette butt in the keg cup Take a pay cut Doing church shows for free On that chex mix diet Nurture creativity Sammy Snake says Top Dog works at 3am to restore liver damage And reanimate your pen Get you writing right away Like a cold tube of bengay It just does what it says on the tin Parabens Problematic in the end I’m sick of sycophantic lemmings Wanna play pretend Or dress up, or house, or tea party Revolution you mongoloids get whipped like devo-lution    
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Sammy S. at Top Dog
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