End of the World

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by: Maria T
uploaded: 02/04/2021
I rewatched the finale of "The Good Place" recently and *I guess* this song is about Eleanor and Chidi, but that feels like a quite a stretch. ------- Gear: '97 Squier Musicmaster, EQD Monarch, EHX Pulsar ------- Time keeps dragging and the light is fading fast No matter how I try, these feelings won't pass I flip through my feed; It's a temporary release But when I see you, I know what I need I'm lucky to have the comfort of a safe space But I'd give it up for us to be in the same place I wanna know how you feel Would you like to make this real? When I see you I know what I need I just want to be with you at the end of the world    
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End of the World
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