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by: Pure Moods
uploaded: 02/04/2021
Ever go to the state fair? Ever go on rides when you were there? Ever seen the one the spins that round and sound? Not the teacup ride no not upside down? The one I’m talkin bouts that gravitron The gravitron Yeah the gravitron You really haven’t heard of the gravitron You really haven’t heard of the gravitron Oh my god Well I am the guy at the middle of the gravitron I pull the big lever that turns the motor on I take care my riders don’t act like morons I’m kidding these people are mostly ex-cons That’s why we make sure they buckle up And if they get rowdy I make the ride stop People get hurt on the gravitron? Yes huh A kid got decapitated up in Odessa Last summer what a bummer Lax safety controls and a lack of professional Training but they were blaming The fact that this kid was too fat for the maming Gimme a break - I say failure to plan AKA surefire plan to fail man I don’t make the rules - I follow em When life gives you ten pounds of lemons you swallow em I digress - but I run a tight ship You puke on my ride you puke on my carpet This is my house please treat it as such Next to my seat I keep a bucket and a crutch You all spin round and round - up the walls again but every single one of you fall down in the end My seat stays put my eyes keep fixed ahead at the blur while we listen to Styx …And I love Styx    
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