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by: Spencer Evans
uploaded: 02/08/2021
Sunset I remember going to your house Must have been the end of July You were living up off of Sunset Me, I didn’t know how to drive Walked the length of the boulevard Thinking it’d been years since I’d fallen this hard We had just connected two days back At a quaint Sonoma affair I had made the trip in from New York Where I wasn’t going nowhere Cancelled my flight hopped a train south One thought my mind: Kiss that girl once on the mouth Since this one’s a little bit LA You can probably guess how it ends That night I walked the length of Sunset Was the night that my life began  
Tagses: album: song-a-day 2021, year: 2021, comment: "written and recorded (obviously) in one day for the 2021 song-a-day challenge." (we can link these up later)

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