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by: Spencer Evans
uploaded: 02/11/2021
He wakes up when it’s still dark And wants to go straight to the park Where there’s base paths to run around I don’t want to be a bore Glove, bat, ball we’re out the door Reminiscing ‘bout old Whitey Ford Before we get on round the bend He’s talking about Mays again Says that he’s the greatest ever been Sure there all before his time But I made sure this son of mine Would know the game which he finds so divine chorus: Baseball roll call Legends of fall Brought to life by my pride and joy My one and only little boy He gets up there at the plate Standing nearly 2 foot eight Staring me down Hank Aaron-like Did I mention he was three And that all he wants to be Is one day to play in the Major Leagues? chorus Hit or miss, he’s on the fly First and second flying by He’ll round third and head right for the plate Down the line he’s having fun Just like Jackie Robinson Sliding hard to score another run  
Tagses: album: song-a-day 2021, year: 2021, comment: "written and recorded (obviously) in one day for the 2021 song-a-day challenge." (we can link these up later)

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