Privacy Mode

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by: Maria T
uploaded: 02/12/2021
Editor's Note: I messed up last part and I was nearing the cut-off time for music to be played in the house, nor did I feel like doing another take, so I just went with it. ------ Gear: 1989 Les Paul Special, 2012 Squier Jazzmaster, Reuss Effect Recidivist Boost/OD, Bear Foot FX Arctic Fuzz ------ I don't know what your intentions are I can't see you from this far If I can't see you, then you can't see me Because I'm not down with abstract dealings What are you so afraid to reveal? Why do you think you’re less than ideal? When you open up, I see your appeal I know you can be vulnerable and real You're on privacy mode, doing god only knows Turn it off and we’ll see how this goes      
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Privacy Mode
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