SHARK WARS [S09E13 - Cage Round]

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by: Paul Ivey
uploaded: 02/13/2021
- SHARK WARS - [Season 09 Episode 13 - Last Cage Round - Sheldon vs Lester] ______________________ welcome back ladies and gentlemen to shark wars our two remaining contestants will go head-to-head -to- hammerhead to determine just who will face our champion in the final next week sheldon, lester, i hope you're ready, gentlemen grab your tridents and hold on tight as we lower the cages sister sledge is in the water our apex queen, she never sleeps and she's always hungry which of you will be her predator and which will be her prey let's play shark wars your time starts now Ooo, that's a rousing good jab lester's on to something sister sledge bringing the hammer down nailed it sheldon seems to be having a bit of difficulty not your day quick now don't lose an arm ooo, that's gonna leave a mark looks like lester's coming around and wait could it be oh my goodness we have a winner ladies and gentlemen lester oh, don't worry about that, dear someone will retrieve it for you and bring it to the infirmary after now, hop on over here and enjoy your moment you've earned it congratulations, lester you've seen off all this season's contestants and will be returning next week for the laser final against our current and still reigning three-time champion, toby ladies and gentlemen, it's been quite the odyssey this year tune in one last time next sunday to see if lester can do it again only one warrior will be left standing dry holding our trophy high and dreaming of what to do with the grand prize treasure chest of four hundred doubloons see you at the shore next time, chum on shark wars    
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SHARK WARS [S09E13 - Cage Round]
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