Valentine Ballad

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by: Spencer Evans
uploaded: 02/14/2021
Valentine Ballad She said I see how tired your looking As you try to finish your song I’ll offer this, my love, if you’ll hear it Twenty-eight days ain’t too long As fair a point as you wish to make it And, my love, you make them so well I’d rather that instead of my weary On the rhymes that I write you would dwell You see the oil that my lamp is burning Will last me just a few moments more Nearly done this day’s final duty Let me finish the song I implore She said of course, my love, I will leave you With your words, your work and your wine Fortnight’s passed since we met February Marks this feast of our St Valentine  
Tagses: album: song-a-day 2021, year: 2021, comment: "written and recorded (obviously) in one day for the 2021 song-a-day challenge." (we can link these up later)

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Valentine Ballad
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