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by: Spencer Evans
uploaded: 02/16/2021
All my life I’ve been running hard Up is down to is fro Hardest thing that I’ve ever done Stop to say I don’t know Scared to death I’ll never find my way Darkest night I’m trying hard to understand myself It’s my right Stepped away from the day to day Looked inside for a while Come to find I had brand new eyes Zeroed in on your smile Take my hand before I run away From this light I’m trying hard to understand myself Now I might Not to say it’s all Love Parade Life is life after all When the chips are in your hands I don’t care where they fall In your arms is where I long to be My delight I have come to understand myself By your light  
Tagses: album: song-a-day 2021, year: 2021, comment: "written and recorded (obviously) in one day for the 2021 song-a-day challenge." (we can link these up later)

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