Club Sanctum : No Entry [VIP Line at Re-Open, 2023]

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by: Paul Ivey
uploaded: 02/24/2021
attention v-i-p's ladies and gentlemen welcome once again to club sanctum as you can hear mr ritchie-h is already working inside so please move along within the guide-lines we're gonna go quickly but pleasantly this is difficult for all of us but we're finally back and operating so please honor the parameters which will keep this going and so it is my grand pleasure to thus welcome all of us to the return of the only rump-busting goodness in the entire district or anywhere in the nation, frankly please maintain distance between your parties and stick to the arrows on the ground listen to instructions have your i-d's ready and your proof of vaccination this is a grand night after a very, very long fight these are still trying times so we are going to stay calm yes we're gonna accept that the scanner i hold here has a logic that i will not question and will be enforced by my team if necessary it's all quite simple: if the light turns green please proceed down this hall here into the lobby if, sadly, the light goes red you must step to the left and leave thank you for that i am sorry but that's the breaks in the twenties so first in line: the lovely couple from the best coast the west coast where they dance the most step on up to the podium where we can scan your cards and ahh nancy p i see well sorry, madame both you and your husband it seems: no entry please step to the left and follow the arrows to the car park next: mitch and elaine and no entry next: mr rand looking grand and sorry no entry dejoy: no desantis: no teddy c please... nope no entry next: bill and hills and barry sorry no entry next manchin hi no entry next jaime and cory oh lordy rudy no no and no no entry junior really? i mean i mean there's no need no entry please step to the left and take your siblings and kimberly right on down this side-street and thank you, thank you so much, donny m-t-g, no lauren, no loeffler and lin no and no no entry please step down the alley next ah, joey mr joey nope and dr j-b uhh sorry no entry tanden definitely definitely it seems no entry hawley no it was looking good there but: no entry ms harris and mr mnuchin looking lovely as always and no entry larry-s and pete no entry no entry next abbot gavin lindsey mikey-lee four no-entries mccaskill kaine sinema noem wood and sidney p all no-entries next stephen m, no christie, no chuckie-shu and no and georgie b james c and andrew c and tuber-v and murkowski cotton and marco and feinstein and rick s ernst, no warren, no collins, no so sorry klobo, no kerry, no and romney all: no entry i think it might be time to try our line c lord-y next maynard j so-keen finally: entry please proceed down the hall to the right of me and ask the waitress for oxygen if need be next: neil, yep dan, yep sult, yep and jp welcome back, gentlemen this way and next ride, zach, andy entry hey, it's les freres-duplantier mario: entry joey: entry merci on y va now it's a party yorkie greacen kenny, the g-o-a-t entry, indeed araya, entry cedric and omar entry and entry j-i-d and scroobius p now were talking brent, brann, troy and billy get on in and dancing cantrell and company entry buzz and greg p entry michael g krush and all the queens entry, entry, entry now we're moving daniel and derek g entry darren and aronson and miss esme d entry, entry, entry spencer and spencie entry and entry amit entry aeion entry no-vibe huh here with the vibe and definitely on the listing for entry step this way everybody let's keep it moving panx and mitzy looking lovely and get going down the hall towards the lobby brian and peter and rogers and mark-m well get on in, gentlemen entry seersha and frank and junie entries times three next hey i know you it's pure moods hey everybody it's pure moods uhh, i'm sorry, artist entrance is actually that-a-way toler entry gregg entry kellem entry and also brophy and also plug and tony and yes maria with a t entry and wesley all: acceptable entries team bender-hoo how do you do both: entries welcome back to sanctum, my friends next ms reba meyer and ms fever ray yes and yes ms stefanie mannaerts and ms corina r yes, and yes enjoy the hen-do, ladies i certainly hope ivey becomes an honorable husband and worthy and next of course pj, yes ms dickerson, yes ryan, and well this looks suspiciously fake but okay and moxie, yes, indeed get inside and shake those booties now line b come on in next mr tucky c no entry rachel m and hannity dressed up in their finery and no entry next on blitzer no on mika no on cuomo no-no-no acosta and psaki god no sorry no on mr v-jones, nope on mr a-jones, nope on the contingent from the post nope, nope, nope and the huff post nope nyt no entry wsj no entry next no entry      
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Club Sanctum : No Entry [VIP Line at Re-Open, 2023]
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