I'll Be Gone

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by: Spencer Evans
uploaded: 02/26/2021
I’ll Be Gone chorus Soon I will be gone That day won’t be long Rise up to the dawn and I’ll be gone When I was your little babe you would hold me tight Keep me warm at your breast at rock me through the night Now that I am nearly grown I’ll be off to get my kicks With all my friends as we turn six chorus Once you taught me right from wrong and my ABCs Cut to right when things got weird don’t talk to me please You’re the biggest embarrassment that I’ve ever seen You just can’t know what it is to be a tween chorus Well now we have the rubber and we have the road As I am just chalk full of cells trying to explode Trust that you did raise me right and lead me to the door For this spark you lit in me needs more  
Tagses: album: song-a-day 2021, year: 2021, comment: "written and recorded (obviously) in one day for the 2021 song-a-day challenge. http://songaday.netscrap.com" (we can link these up later)

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I'll Be Gone
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