Papa Pj's Mad Monster Menagerie

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by: Paul Ivey
uploaded: 02/28/2021
welcome, friends come right on in the show is about to begin welcome to Papa Pj's Mad Monster Menagerie where nothing is as it seems and every nightmare becomes a dream and every dream becomes sublime and sometimes sometimes divine twists and turns abound and strange surprises lurk beyond every corner the wonder and whimsy the wicked and wistful the wacky and witty the warm the wretched the wobbly the worriesome the worldly the wry and the sly and sometimes sometimes the sky all this and more aboard Papa Pj's wild ride so, again welcome, friends to the Mad Monster Menagerie settle in and hold on tight for a plethora of frights with just a dash of silly delights now where to begin why, at the end, of course and here we go  
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Papa Pj's Mad Monster Menagerie
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